Vaneeda Trukowski

Vaneeda Trukowski Mizner Grande Realty


Mizner Grande Realty

155 NE Spanish River Blvd Boca Raton, FL 33431

Vaneeda Trukowski

Estate Agent

Vaneeda has been a Realtor in FL for 14 years and is currently with Mizner Grande Realty in Boca, one of Florida's most trusted and top selling Brokerage firms.

She is known for her unmatched market knowledge and devotion to her clients. In 2019 she had the highest rental in Cannery Row at $4,950 per month. Vaneeda also found a client the home of their dreams in Downtown delray and achieved a closing price several hundred thousand below asking price.

Vaneeda is committed to FL and has been a Resident since 1997 earning her Masters Degree and Undergraduate Degree and UCF & USF. Locally Vaneeda is involved in the community as a local chair for the Lustgarten Foundation to raise money for Pancreatic cancer research. She also helps the community fostering kittens for RU4Me Pet Rescue.

Vaneeda is a resident and Delray Beach property Specialist.