Thomas Chmielewski

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Thomas Chmielewski

Estate Agent

My name is Thomas Chmielewski and I was born and raised in Beautiful Boca Raton, Florida.

I am very proud to say that Boca Raton is my home. I love Boca with a passion and in my eyes, and many others, it is also called “Paradise”.

The real estate in Boca Raton and South Florida is one of a kind and I am honored to represent Mizner Grande Realty and strive to provide clients with homes that are beyond beautiful.

Through my education I have gone one block to another starting from Addison Mizner to Florida Atlantic University, graduating with a minor in Architecture and a bachelor’s in urban design. I live and breathe real estate with the many necessities it gives with development, to investments, and sales.

I love making new friends through the business process and in general and continue to strive to make new connections every day. I strive to gain more knowledge in the real estate Profession every day and continues to do so. I would say I am a very outgoing and have a wonderful personality overall and continue to keep giving it my all in this amazing profession.