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Phyllis Malmuth

Estate Agent

Phyllis Futeran Malmuth, originally from New Jersey, has called Highland Beach, Florida home for 30 years. As a long-time ocean front resident and an officer of her condominium association, Phyllis has extensive knowledge of the area’s waterfront properties, as well as the many gated and specialized communities throughout Palm Beach County.

In addition, Phyllis is an involved Florida resident and is an active participant in many local and national organizations. Phyllis continues to advertise in New Jersey, and she is well known in the state. She has a vast and successful record in serving out- of- state customers who wish to sell a property or purchase a new home in Florida.

Her skill in identifying and relating to each customer’s specific needs is key to her success. Phyllis can make your search for a property enjoyable and rewarding with the utmost professionalism and knowledge.

A customer deserves a thorough and timely response to any issue, and that is her number one criteria. Call or email just to “say hello”, discuss any questions you may have, and, together we will address ALL OF YOUR REAL ESTATE NEEDS!