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Lionel Falvet

Estate Agent

Originally from Paris, France, Lionel lived in NYC, Beverly Hills, and presently resides in West Palm Beach.

He spent 15 years building a formidable business in sales and management with Ferrari, and Rolls-Royce Motorcars, culminating as a top salesman in the nation and winning the extraordinary Number One Sales Manager Award for the USA in 2018.

Lionel, all along these years, has practiced Real Estate sales on demand only as an additional service to his Rolls-Royce clients. As of this year, he is proud to announce his joining the Mizner Grande Realty firm and is dedicating 100% of his time to Real Estate.

Lionel comes with a stellar reputation, always putting his clients first and protecting their best interest with exemplary service. Armed with a great knowledge of the market from Vero Beach to Miami, Lionel is eager to list your property(ies), successfully sell them, find a dream home to hinge and enhance your lifestyle, and is ready for any real estate quest.

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