Jaret Grossman

Jaret Grossman


Mizner Grande Realty

155 NE Spanish River Blvd. Boca Raton, FL 33431

Jaret Grossman

Estate Agent

Jaret Grossman's early career in investment banking and law proved to be a great background, but not where his true passion lied. He always had an entrepreneurial spirit and started up several companies.

Through promoting his now wildly popular health and fitness product, MP45, Jaret became a YouTube sensation by posting hundreds of mindset, motivation, business, and sales videos to inspire the masses. Jaret accumulated well over 30 million YouTube views and 100k subscribers.

Very few people understand internet marketing and garnering people's attention like Jaret does. Jaret brings a unique blend of business acumen, positive thinking, and enthusiasm to every transaction. Jaret goes above and beyond for his clients.

With over a decade of direct sales and marketing experience, Jaret understands the needs and desires of his clients and prides himself on high integrity and unparalleled customer service.

Some of Jaret's accomplishments are:

  • Graduating from New York Law School ('12)
  • Author of a success book, Cracking the Code
  • Amassed over 30 million YouTube views and 100k Subscribers
  • Amassed several million Facebook followers for his company Muscle Prodigy
  • Featured on over 50 podcasts, magazines, and radio shows for personal development, influence, and business skills
  • World renowned consultant and coach to Entrepreneurs, Pro Athletes, C Level Executives, and Students

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